Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Leise / quietly (black; white)

Leise / quietly, black, November 2010 (acrylic and wallpaint on wood, cardboard; 43 x 60 cm)

Leise / quietly white, January 2011 (acrylic and wallpaint on wood, cardboard; 43 x 60 cm)

This was inspired by a poem by Hilde Domin:

Nicht muede werden

Nicht muede werden
sondern dem Wunder
wie einem Vogel
die Hand hinhalten.

(Not tiring / Not tiring / but quietly / holding out the hand / towards the miracle / like to a bird)

When I sent it to my friend Bill Mankin, this was his response:

As I look back
I see an impression I have left behind.
It is not all that I am.
In fact, it is not very much of me.
Only handprints on a dark pane of glass.
No light for anyone to see.
Fading fast.
No one there to notice.
Only a bird,
Gazing above them.
But there she is in all her blazing glory.
For a moment, they share the dark world together.
It’s a miracle.

(© Bill Mankin, 2 Dec 2010)

In the beginning of January, I kept looking at the black painting and asked myself how it would look in white... so I did that. Having them both together, and reading Bill's poem, reminds me of a piece by Rainer Maria Rilke, where he talks about love consisting of keeping watch at the border of the loved one's loneliness.

(leise / quietly white: detail; acrylic and wallpaint on wood, cardboard; January 2011)